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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 72: Subrina Wood


Episode 72: Subrina Wood


Episode 72 features the wonderful Subrina Wood, one of the hosts of the Syfy Sistas podcast.

Subrina Wood


  • Being 9 years old when Star Trek premiered
  • Making a claim on the TV back in the day
  • Being part of the original “Save Star Trek” campaign
  • Patrick Stewart in I, Claudius
  • Subrina does not like the screeners
  • SMG whispers or is it the audio mix?
  • A Wrinkle in Timeby Madeline L’Engle
  • The original Fantastic Voyage
  • Crashing the Star Trek convention as a kid in New York City
  • What’s a mimeograph?
  • Awesome Con
  • The Museum of Science Fiction
  • The horror of dead batteries in your Tricorder
  • Star Trek Cruise
  • About the SyfySistas
  • John should have shaved
  • What if you threw a Star Trek party and no one came?
  • Appreciating the guest stars
  • Send us your Star Trek Tamarianisms!
  • William Shatner and Frances Nuyen in The World of Suzie Wong on Broadway
  • Subrina’s “shameful” secret: cheesy Christmas movies
  • The Moulin Rouge hotel in Las Vegas
  • “All they want to do is eat all day”
  • James Darren makes Subrina lose her mind
  • Do yourself a favor and enjoy James Darren singing in Gidget
  • Nog is the one who stand up for Vic
  • Marc Lawrence is notable for my guest
  • Seeing Uhura was a big deal for Subrina
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Operations Specialist for Deep Space Station K-12
  • From the Bonus Material
    • Chef Reactions on TikTok
    • Barry Lyndon and the use of natural light
    • My guest is insistent that “My Favorite Things” is not a Christmas song
    • Subrina also weighs on the Die Hard for Christmas too
Mirror Subrina!


  • BEM TAS S2E2
  • Yesteryear TAS S1E2
  • Darmok TNG S5E02
  • Elaan of Troyius S3E13
  • Eye of the Needle VOY S1E07
  • Die Trying DSC S3E05
  • Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang DS9 S7E15
A wooden console TV!


Subrina in her TOS dress!


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Subrina’s Uhura Cup


Would you like to write some Kobayashi Maru lightning round questions? If you’d like to submit some for possible inclusion on the show, you can send me a message via Twitter or email me. I give some suggestions on good questions here.

Some portions of the Kobayashi Maru lightning round questions in this episode were written by listener Adam Saunders. If you’d like to submit questions for possible inclusion on the show, you can send me a message via Twitter or email me. I give some suggestions on good questions here.

Background photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash

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